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Rwanda Heart Care and Research Foundation

The Rwandan Heart Care and Research Foundation will be the first NGO hospital offering cardiovascular healthcare services free of charge to the people of Rwanda and its regions. Our mission is to offer high quality care to all without any form of discrimination.

The Rwanda Heart Care and Research Foundation was created as a non-profit organisation in Kigali to build local capacity by providing vital cardiovascular services for the region.

Our aim is three fold:

To provide high quality, free of charge treatment for children and adults suffering from heart disease.


To train a generation of Rwandan cardiac professionals to the highest international standard.


To expand critical research into neglected cardiac diseases affecting local peoples and to guide urgently needed prevention programmes.

We all have the right to... healthcare for ourselves and our families...
(Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Our Project Partners

The Rwanda Heart Care and Research Foundation is a multi-collaborative project, working with many institutions across the world to make this hospital and research centre a reality.